Bill and Pam Gurley

Bill has been teaching people of all ages to play stringed instruments for many years. His relaxed and patient approach has gained him a reputation as an excellent teacher throughout the Tidewater area of Virginia. He truly enjoys teaching. Students range in ability from beginners playing for their own enjoyment to more serious musicians who perform in public. Though he has been called upon to help students on more obscure instruments like Greek bouzouki, lap dulcimer, and baritone uke, he mainly teaches the following:

Guitar - Bill loves the sound of an acoustic guitar. Beginners get a good foundation in basic technique. From there they start to pursue the music they find exciting and interesting. Bill has taught everything from Doc Watson to Jethro Tull and enjoys it all- flatpicking, fingerpicking, blues, Celtic, and everything in between!

Banjo - Beginners start with basic three-finger rolls and work through a few easy tunes before taking on some of the standard bluegrass instrumentals. Students also learn to accompany other players and singers. More advanced students are introduced to melodic styles of playing.

Fiddle - There seems to be a heightened interest in fiddling lately and he teaches quite a few students to play. Good technique is vital to getting a decent tone and this is constantly reinforced in the lessons. Most of the people that take lessons from Bill are interested in bluegrass and/or Celtic music and many have started jamming informally and generally having a great time with it.

Mandolin - Here again students benefit when starting out by learning good habits. Picking styles and good hand position are so important from the beginning and are often refined as time goes on. A fun and versatile instrument to play!

Bill teaches both at home in Lancaster, VA and at Winter Sound Co., Gloucester Point, VA. For further information call him at (804) 761-6356

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Last update, April 9, 2002